Writing is hard.
Getting honest feedback shouldn’t be.

The Spun Yarn offers a revolutionary new way to get honest and safe feedback on your unpublished manuscript.

How the Spun Yarn works:

1. You Submit your Manuscript

First select the number of readers from whom you’d like to receive feedback. Then provide some basic information on your novel and who you are as an author so that we can match you up with the right readers. Finally, send your manuscript to us.

2. we Collect Feedback from Trusted Readers

The Spun Yarn has built a diverse network of safe and anonymous readers from around the country. Utilizing our proprietary scoring system, readers matched to your manuscript read your entire book, then provide a mixture of quantitative and qualitative feedback.

3. we Deliver Synthesized
Feedback to you

We compile feedback into a Spun Yarn Feedback Report which is delivered directly to you. You can use this report to understand strengths and improvement areas in your manuscript, as well as identify overall trends in your writing style. Your feedback is as private as you want it to be.