Spun Yarn Readers

Our readers have been carefully selected from around the country and represent a diverse variety of age, gender, and worldview. They’re parents and students and engineers and dental hygienists. They aren’t editors or literary agents. What they have in common is a love for reading and a knack for providing honest feedback. Spun Yarn Readers are also anonymous and safe. Each reader has signed a nondisclosure agreement and they are employed by the Spun Yarn as independent contractors.

Interested in becoming a Spun Yarn Reader?

Being a Spun Yarn reader is also a chance to be part of a new approach to the feedback experience. Perhaps you’ll be the first to read the next Great American Novel. And even if that’s too good to be true, you’ll have the opportunity to help out a writer at a key stage in their creative process by providing honest and diligent feedback when it matters most.

If you're selected to review a book, the pay is approximately $200 per completed manuscript.