More than 25 authors have received feedback on their novels from the Spun Yarn in 2017. Here is some of their feedback on what they thought of our service.

"I would absolutely recommend the Spun Yarn to a writer friend. I think the fact that you have three readers assigned to each book makes it powerful. If two people are saying the same thing out of three, I'm more likely to listen."

– Jessica Ainsworth, San Francisco, CA

"The quarter-by-quarter breakdown from my Spun Yarn readers was extremely helpful. In addition to shining light on some pacing defects in my manuscript, it gave me confidence the readers were committed to the job of reading the story and offering candid assessments."

– Jack Bunker, Washington, DC, author of True Grift

"I've been in at least eight writers groups over the years. Writers in these groups tend to over-analyze short excerpts from a book, which never gives me a feel for what they think of the the whole novel. So I was hoping Spun Yarn readers – reading my entire novel – would give better critiques. And they did."

– Bruce Shigeura, Berkeley, CA

"The Spun Yarn provides a new kind of feedback that direct manuscript exchanges don't give. It gives an overall picture. The big picture!"

– Eve Tal, Israel, author of Double Crossing and Cursing Columbus

"It’s always hard when strangers comment on your baby's picture in anything less than flattering terms. But that's why this kind of feedback is necessary. The Spun Yarn feedback report was very gentle in presenting the negatives and very encouraging overall."

– Dean Lohse, Jacksonville, FL, Winner of 2013 Royal Palm  Literary Awards Book of the Year in the Mainstream (unpublished) category

“My Spun Yarn feedback was beautifully presented in terms of layout and appearance. When I swap work with other writers, the focus is mostly on what’s wrong and what can be fixed, so it was nice to hear positive feedback too!”

– Spun Yarn author

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