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We couldn't provide the astute and comprehensive feedback authors find in their Spun Yarn Manuscript Reports without our impressive group of Spun Yarn Readers. Thank you for your interest in joining this diverse, insightful, book-loving group! Here's how it works:

Readers have three weeks to read and submit feedback on manuscripts in a wide range of genres, from fiction to business. We don’t require that you read every genre, but we do appreciate voracity – that is, people who are reading at least 30 books per year in their favorite genres.

We pay $1 per 1,000 words, rounding to the nearest 5,000 words. A 75,000 word book pays $75, while a 35,000 word book pays $35.

We provide feedback on manuscripts in all stages of the writing process from authors in all stages of their careers. You may read the next great American novel, but you may also read a first try from a brand new writer. Your honesty, ability to cover a wide range of aspects, and your compassion will be life-changing for every author whose manuscript you read. If you've ever written a book yourself, you know how personal and emotionally demanding it is. Our readers understand this, and deliver constructive criticism with kindness, and with a sincere desire that the writer’s book be the best it can be. 

We always check your availability before sending a manuscript. If you don't think you could return feedback within three weeks, you're always free to decline the MS.

Reading slots can take a while to open up. If you don’t mind that it might take a few months to hear back from us, please tell us a little about who you are as a reader!

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