More than 125 authors used The Spun Yarn for beta reader feedback in 2019.   Here's what they have to say.

"The quarter-by-quarter breakdown from my Spun Yarn readers was extremely helpful. In addition to shining light on some pacing defects in my manuscript, it gave me confidence the readers were committed to the job of reading the story and offering candid assessments."

– Jack Bunker, Washington, DC, author of True Grift

"The Spun Yarn helped me get feedback so I could do the final high-level edits on my manuscript before sending it out to [editors and then agents]. It also enabled me to get feedback from neutral readers who didn't know me or my work."

Lexi Pandell, contributor to The Atlantic, The New York Times, WIRED, and others

"I have recommended it to my entire writing group. Several people are already applying! We never get a chance to have anyone read our entire manuscript. My current writing group reads 25 pages of one writer each week. Which means we forget what happens and the feedback can only be focused on that section."

Jennifer N., design consultant and author of The Ice Cream Travel Guide

"It's been literally years since I've felt this enthusiastic about the book and I'm excited to get back to work on it.  It really did blow me away just how in-depth the feedback was; thank you thank you thank you!" 

Liz S., author of short stories found in Daily Science Fiction, Phobos magazine, and The Arcanist

"It’s always hard when strangers comment on your baby's picture in anything less than flattering terms. But that's why this kind of feedback is necessary. The Spun Yarn feedback report was very gentle in presenting the negatives and very encouraging overall."

– Dean Lohse, Jacksonville, FL, Winner of 2013 Royal Palm  Literary Awards Book of the Year in the Mainstream (unpublished) category

“My Spun Yarn feedback was beautifully presented in terms of layout and appearance. When I swap work with other writers, the focus is mostly on what’s wrong and what can be fixed, so it was nice to hear positive feedback too!”

– Olivia K., journalist in New Jersey

"I've been in at least eight writers groups over the years. Writers in these groups tend to over-analyze short excerpts from a book, which never gives me a feel for what they think of the the whole novel. So I was hoping Spun Yarn readers – reading my entire novel – would give better critiques. And they did."

– Bruce Shigeura, Berkeley, CA

"Spun Yarn definitely showed me some examples of what the agent was talking about--where things are misunderstood/confusing because I only say them once. It was so useful to see three reader's opinions. Thank you!"

– Maria R,. author of an upcoming historical fiction novel

"I think you have developed a helpful template, and as I go back to revise I have some key areas to focus on.”

Jeffrey Hantover, author of The Jewel Trader of Pegu published by Harper Collins

“The [Spun Yarn Flash Feedback] progress reports were most helpful. It helped me pinpoint where my novel was working and where the momentum was lost (though different readers had different opinions). This might be specific to my project…but to me these ‘check-in’ feedbacks were hugely useful.”

– Spun Yarn Author

“Where else could I find beta readers in my target demographic who were vetted and dedicated to finishing the book and sending feedback? I will absolutely be recommending this to my writer friends and I think they would be just as impressed as I am when I show off the feedback I received.”

Elizabeth Bell, author of Necessary Sins

"Your feedback has been hugely helpful – and I am late in the process. I've already had 2 highly-regarded published YA authors read [my manuscript] and give feedback. I've also had a professional book editor do a reader's report and made changes after that. I am sure Spun Yarn feedback would have been just as helpful on early drafts."

Rachel Burge, winner of The Spun Yarn Readers’ Choice Award 2018 and author of The Twisted Tree

“My expectations were high, as I'd seen your useful comments on a student's work. Have already [recommended], a lot. Especially at this amazing price!”

– Adair Lara, award-winning author for The San Francisco Chronicle

“I would definitely recommend this service to other writers as I already feel that rewriting the beginning of my book has improved my overall manuscript and I wouldn't have done it without your service. It’s hard to have perspective on something you spend so much time writing and revising, and having reader feedback is so important.”

– Kyla M., Winnipeg, Manitoba

"The feedback tied in with what I thought needed improvement (greater characterisation, more background detail and strengthening/naturalising the dialogue), which showed me that I'm on the same page as my readers."

– Jamie M., Scotland

"Especially when the project is a long work, either fiction or non-fiction, feedback is invaluable. Relatives or friends are unlikely to make pointed criticisms.  I'm in two writers groups, and that feedback is helpful, but it comes chapter by chapter and weeks apart.”

Peter Delacorte, author of Time on My Hands, short-listed for the Arthur C. Clarke Award

“The experience was awesome, and Spun Yarn did an awesome job of presenting the results in a meaningful unbiased way that authors can easily understand and act upon to enhance the quality of their MS.”

– Dave A., West Sacramento, CA

"The Spun Yarn provides a new kind of feedback that direct manuscript exchanges don't give. It gives an overall picture. The big picture!"

– Eve Tal, Israel, author of Double Crossing and Cursing Columbus

“All of the feedback was helpful, even some that was critical. This still provided valuable information on how different demographics may or may not respond to the memoirs."

– James B., Lebanon, VA

"The feedback was amazing and the entire package felt polished and professional. I feel like it has dramatically improved my *own* understanding of my novel!"

Elisabeth F., Denver, CO

"It's so hard to find good beta readers. Friends say they're going to do it then don't get round to it, and even if they do, it's a tricky thing to ask of a friend because they often don't want to hurt you. YES, I would recommend the Spun Yarn to other writers."

Claire L., Washington D.C.

"I would absolutely recommend the Spun Yarn to a writer friend. I think the fact that you have three readers assigned to each book makes it powerful. If two people are saying the same thing out of three, I'm more likely to listen."

– Jessica Ainsworth, San Francisco, CA

On whether she would recommend The Spun Yarn to writers: “Yes, definitely. Experienced readers in your genre, in age groups you are targeting who offer insight and feedback without a feeling of loyalty because of a personal relationship is invaluable.”

– Sara T., Shenandoah Valley, VA

"Each of the segments were helpful in different ways. I loved the quarter breaks as it gave me an idea of what was and wasn't jiving as the story progressed. The pointed questions allowed me to make sure I had specific goals taken care of. The graphs at the end were impressive."

– Jennie Brass, Minneapolis, MN

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