The Spun Yarn offers a revolutionary new way to get honest and safe feedback on your unpublished manuscript. Here’s how it works:


We match your manuscript with three trusted readers from the Spun Yarn network. Each reader is hand-picked according to your needs.


Based upon your readers’ feedback, our editor curates a comprehensive report providing 30+ pages of insight on all the important aspects of your manuscript.


And it all takes 30 days or less. Give us a month and we'll give you honest, compassionate, and actionable feedback guaranteed to improve your book.

Curious to know what a Spun Yarn Manuscript Feedback Report looks like? Take a closer look here.

Here’s how the Spun Yarn helped three authors in three different ways:


Rachel Burge, winner of The Spun Yarn Readers’ Choice Award 2018 & author of The Twisted Tree


Liz Schriftsteller, author of short stories found in Daily Science Fiction, Phobos magazine, and The Arcanist


Jack Bunker, author of Publishers Weekly Starred Review book and Amazon bestseller, True Grift

The Spun Yarn is unlike anything else on the market. Don’t believe us? See how our service stacks up against some of the other feedback options out there:


Meet three of our Spun Yarn Readers:

Janet from Georgia

Janet is one of our most veteran readers. She's in the enviable position of exercising her passions in her 'day job' as a cookbook author, food writer, copy editor, recipe developer, and cooking instructor. Janet loves language – not only reading and writing but editing as well (she's a grammar freak). Her passion for reading and her fifteen years in corporate communications make her an excellent, close reader for The Spun Yarn. Learn more about Janet in her reader profile.

Keene from Wisconsin

In his day job, Keene manages all of the software systems for Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources, with more than 200 distinct locations and more than 3,200 users! For fun, Keene plays Backgammon and poker, and of course, reads books. While Keene loves Fantasy and Historical Fiction, he's also one of the Spun Yarn’s best Horror readers! Learn more about Keene in his reader profile.

Angela from Nebraska

By day Angela is the co-owner of a digital marketing company that focuses on content writing, website design, and social media management. At night and on the weekends, Angela battles to decide between her hobbies: fiction freelancing, writing for chat apps, and a personal project (right now it's a cozy mystery!). She's also a sports fan, poker player, cook, foodie, traveler and family woman. Learn more about Angela in her reader profile.

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