Step 1:
Your Manuscript is matched with three Spun Yarn readers

The Spun Yarn has built a diverse network of thorough, thoughtful and experienced readers from around the country. We’ll match your manuscript with three of these readers based upon their reading profile and the type of feedback that you're looking for as the author.


Step 2:
Readers provide their feedback

Readers matched to your manuscript read your entire book, then provide a mixture of quantitative and qualitative feedback using the Spun Yarn feedback approach. Spun Yarn readers aren’t developmental editors or publishers or literary agents. Instead, they’re book nerds, selected for their unique perspectives and with rich experience using the Spun Yarn feedback approach.


Step 3: Spun Yarn Feedback Report delivered to you

Our Spun Yarn team compiles reader feedback into a summarized report which is delivered back to you within 30 days. By synthesizing feedback data across multiple readers, we’re able to identify areas for improvement that you otherwise might have missed. Best of all, your Spun Yarn feedback is as private and painless as you want it to be. The entire process is anonymous and what you choose to do with your feedback is up to you.

See what a Spun Yarn Manuscript Report looks like. We promise, you've never seen anything quite like it.

Ready for some honest feedback?