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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Here are two great options to get feedback on the beginning of your manuscript.

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Every book is different, but here are three common moments in the writing process when writers have found Spun Yarn feedback to be most helpful.


1. Early Draft

You’ve finished a draft of your manuscript and at least one full round of editing yourself. Now it’s time to understand which parts of the book are working best and where to focus your revision efforts going forward.

"I know it’s time to get outside feedback when I can no longer see the flaws in the manuscript myself."

2. Agent Ready

You’ve finished multiple revisions and potentially have already received feedback from friends, family members or writer’s group colleagues. You’re almost ready to begin contacting literary agents, but you want to get the book as close to perfect as possible.

“Agents are so busy and make decisions on a manuscript very quickly. You really only get one bite at the apple. Feedback from the Spun Yarn helped me make it as compelling as possible for readers and agents right from page 1.”

3. New Direction

Perhaps you’ve been trying to sell your book for awhile and something just isn’t working. A major rewrite is needed, but you aren’t sure which parts to keep and which parts to get rid of. It’s time for some honest feedback from the Spun Yarn.

“I wasn’t having success with selling my manuscript. Before going the self-publishing route, I wanted to give the editing process one more go. But I just wasn’t sure where to start."