Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


At The Spun Yarn, we’re focused on providing honest feedback first and foremost. So that means we’re happy to provide feedback on both fiction and nonfiction books. That said, our readers are not subject matter experts. So if you’re curious to know how your nonfiction masterpiece lands with an average reader, go ahead and submit it. But we aren’t the place for you if you’re looking for detailed technical critique on your aeronautical treatise on the history of Zeppelins. 

How do I know the Spun Yarn won’t steal my manuscript?

You as the writer maintain all ownership rights in your manuscript (obviously!). If you are a bit worried about sending out your manuscript, you could consider filing for an official copyright. But it’s also true that your book is copyrighted automatically from the moment you write it. Additionally, all of our Spun Yarn Readers sign nondisclosure agreements.

How long does it take to get feedback on my book?

About 5 weeks. Readers have up to 21 days to read a book and give their feedback to the Spun Yarn. It usually takes us a little more than a week to aggregate feedback from the multiple Readers assigned to a manuscript and compile it into a Feedback Report, which we then send to the author.

How do I know if my book is ready to submit to the Spun Yarn for Feedback?

Every book is different, but here are three common moments in the writing process when writers have found Spun Yarn feedback to be most helpful.

Early Draft
You’ve finished a first draft and at least one round of editing yourself. Now it’s time to understand which parts of the book are working best and where to focus your revision efforts going forward. One writer said: “Getting feedback from the Spun Yarn was kind of like a root canal. I’d thought my book was in good shape. But there was actually a ton that needed to be fixed. It was particularly helpful to receive feedback on my ending.

Agent Ready
You’ve finished multiple revisions and potentially have already received feedback from friends, family members or writer’s group colleagues. You’re almost ready to begin contacting literary agents, but you want to get the book as close to perfect as possible. One writer said: “Agents are so busy and make decisions on a manuscript very quickly. Plus they almost never look at a book twice. Feedback from the Spun Yarn helped me really refine the beginning of my book to make it marketable right from page 1.” 

New Direction
Perhaps you’ve been trying to sell your book for awhile and something just isn’t working. A major rewrite is needed, but you aren’t sure which parts to keep and which parts to get rid of. “Despite all of the agents who passed on my book, I don’t think any of them actually read the entire manuscript. Based upon feedback from the Spun Yarn, I have confidence that my ending is strong, but I need to rewrite the first half of the book. It just moves too slowly.